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Machine ID# 1016

Intertool Tile Pro III Automatic Edging System


Location: Madison, A



Intertool Tile Pro III Automatic Edging System,
4 Milwaukee Routers,
7 Router Bits, Tile Transporters,
Water Recycling Containers,
Coolant Distribution System

The tile is firmly held in a patented carrier that compensates for any variation in material thickness. The
transporter consists of three plates. The bottom plate has two runners that travel in parallel grooves
past the stationary profiling heads. This produces perfectly straight, ninety degree edges. To run
through the system, the tile is inserted between the top two plates until the rear edge of tile contacts the
fence. It is then raised and locked into position, firmly under the top plate, with the camlock handles.
This step allows the tile to be profiled using the top as the level reference.
A variable speed conveyor (up to 1 ft. per 30 seconds) moves the transporter past the three diamond bits at a constant speed. This allows the operator to predetermine the speed rate to match the material hardness. Softer stone and tile can move through the system at a faster rate than hard granite or porcelain.
Diamond Router Bits
The system has three diamond router bits that process the edge to a near polish. Position 1 Bevels
away the majority of the material, position 2 profiles a 3/8” radius and position three produces an extra
fine finish. All the bits are a double shape, a bevel and a bullnose. As the bits wear, positions one and
two may be switched to extend their useful life.
Coolant Recycling System
A self contained three step coolant recyling system delivers coolant directly to the diamond router bits.
The slurry is collected in two pallet bin containers with the majority of the slurry in container one. Pump
interconnections permit water removal (approximately 5 minutes).
System Structure
The Tile Pro III is mounted on an aluminum “U” channel for ultimate stability. A precision base and
precision transporters assure flatness and shape accuracy. The total system may be moved with a forklift.
Electrical Distribution System
All the outputs for each power unit are protected by individual GFCI connections. A 115V/60HZ/50Amp
circuit is required.

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