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Used Bridge Saws
Machine ID# 1010

Luguez Bridge saw (2014)



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Machine ID# 1006

Zonato – Gamma I-cut CNC bridge saw (2006)



Powered Rotating Tilting Table

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Machine ID# 1015

2 Bridge Saw (2007/8)




Machine ID# 1003

Johnson Saw


Machine ID# 1001

Techovema Sink cutout (2000)



Machine ID# 1057

Park Industries TB24-10



Machine ID# 1059

H series jib crane

2002 + Hoist



Machine ID# 1058

HSM-500 bridge saw (2004)




Bridge Saw Laser



Machine ID# 1029

MAYA-625A (2009) Express 3200



Machine ID# 1030

Jaguar C4000 (2000)



Machine ID# 1048

Intermac cnc 4000 (2002)



Machine ID# 1019

Camma FRESA A PONTE 1997



Machine ID# 1008

Anver Vacuum Lifter

self powered




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All information in this department "used equipment" is provided by the sellers.
We do nor warranty or service the machines in this department.
The sells are as is and are final
Inspections are welcome see terms & conditions

International toll free 800 788-8478 (USA Pacific Standard Time)

If you have used equipment for sell Please Email us: Equipment for sale
1. Brand & Model
2. Year manufacture
3. Serial Number (S/N)
4. Local authorized dealer for this brand.
5. Condition, is it under power or storage.
6. Digital photos (front, back, and side view) including
   close up of name plate with (S/N) & work time counter.
7. Equipment location
8. Price  when you bought it & what will take for it now.
9. All your information, phone, fax, etc.

Our fees

25% of the sell price (5K to 20K)
20% of the sell price (21K to 50K)
18%-15% of the sell price (51K & up) 

will be paid buy the buyers

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Machine ID# 1002