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Stock Availability

last updated 8/2/2013

  Po. # Ready at Factory ETA West ETA East Delivery to Sale Status
625A 371-S DELIVERED & INSTALLED   1/26/15 Lodi, NJ (TL-SC) SOLD
625A 383 DELIVERED & INSTALLED   1/30/15 Warren, MI SOLD
625A 386 DELIVERED & INSTALLED   2/16/15 Elm City, NC (TL-SC) SOLD
625A 389 DELIVERED & INSTALLED   3/03/15 Deerfield Beach, FL (TL-SC) SOLD
625A 391 DELIVERED & INSTALLED     Prescott, AZ (TL-CA) SOLD
625A 395 DELIVERED     Lincoln, CA (TL-CA) SOLD
625A 384-S DELIVERED & INSTALLED   3/02/15 Lockport, NY (TL-SC) SOLD
625A 398 on ship   3/30/15 Phoenix AZ SOLD
625A 390-S on ship   5/02/15 free delivery from SC not included Available
625A 401 on ship 4/30/2015   Denver, CO SOLD
625A 404 Ready   45 days Miami. FL SOLD
625A 414 5/2/2015 21 days 45 days Free delivery Available
625A 416 5/2/2015 21 days 45 days Free delivery Available

Terms: Money wire only
1. $10,000 on order,
2. $20,000 when ready to ship from factory,
3. Balance when it gets to port (arrival notice)
All communications between us forwarder will be cc to you to keep you aware of the delivery status.
For container delivery: (625A model) client must arrange a loading dock and a 15000LB long forks forklift, Or 2 (two) 15000LB long forks forklift
Optional: We can trans-load it and send it on a flatbed, only a 10000Lb long forks forklift will be needed
Free Delivery: When its shipped door to door from factory (Comes in a 20' standard container)
Land Shipping apply: When its in stock or on the way to our warehouse in Charleston, SC (delivery would be made on a flatbed)

625A 299     Delivered Charleston, SC Installed
625A 316     Delivered Richmond, VA Installed
625A 318   Delivered   Mazatlan, MX Installed
625A 323     Delivered Hammond LA Installed
625A 325     Delivered Worchester MA Installed
625A 326     Delivered Fairfield, NJ Installed
625A 328     Delivered Naples, FL Installed
625A 338     Delivered Omaha, NE Installed
625A 342     Delivered Fullerton, CA Installed
625A 355     Delivered THEODORE, AL Installed
625A 357     Delivered Las Vegas, NV Installed
625A 359     Delivered Coombs, BC - Canada Installed
625A 242     Delivered Salem NH Installed
625A 242/1     Delivered Saint Louis, Mo Installed
625A 257     Delivered Houston, TX Installed
625A 262     Delivered WIlder, KY Installed
625A 267     Delivered Beltsville, MD Installed
625A 268     Delivered LEHIGH ACRES, FL Installed
625 275     Delivered Orangeburg, NY Installed
625A 276 15   Delivered HIALEAH, FL Installed
625 285     Delivered HIALEAH, FL Installed
625A 287   Delivered   Jerome, ID Installed
625A 291     Delivered Ashland, MA Installed


BE AWARE (For the intelligent buyer)

* Don't be fuelled by suppliers that offer machines at a low cost,  but actually do not have them in stock. 
* Check their spare parts supply
* Check their referral list, talk to their clients or go & see a machine they sold in action.
* Check and compare their warranty and capabilities.


Shipment cost

Machines that can be ordered before leaving factory & send door to door especially for the East / Central customers, Shipment will be as high as $2000 max.
Shipment that will leave from our warehouse in LA, CA will cost for the east/central clients around $2500-$3500
In case you are in the process of ordering one, be advised that any down payment you pay now to reserve a machine, will be credit back if your finance bank will cover all the invoice.

Approximately shipment to west coast 20 days.
Approximately shipment to east coast 45 days.

In stock - stocked at factory ready to ship.


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Our Moto

PB Marble Services Co. from Los Angeles CA is determine & committed to provides the best granite bridge saws, marble or any stone in nature as well as sell the best money per machine, any shop will be proud of in CNC machine center or abrasive Water Jet cutting machines, this equipment can also cut any metal, plastic etc. our commitment & dedication to service this machine force us to have all spare parts in stock at our warehouse. we hop and do satisfy each and everyone of our customer, a list of our loyal customer can be found on our site.