Cruise Ride

Hi guys,
Many cruise ships require a shift to a new location when seasons change.  For example, a cruise ship in Mexico in the winter will go to Alaska in the summer.  The cruise that moves the ship to its new location is called a "repositioning cruise", and they typically are very good values from a cost perspective.
One of my friends is a cruise director for  Princess Cruises, and I had an idea that we could all load our bikes on the cruise ship in May's repositioning cruise from Mexico to Vancouver, take the cruise to Vancouver, and then ride down from Vancouver on our bikes.  The cruise would begin in L.A., where we would load our bikes on the ship and enjoy the week on the ship.
I am working on getting the details, and in the meantime if you are interested in doing this, please let me know.


Itinerary Port




5/7/09 Los Angeles, California

4:00 PM

5/8/09 At Sea  
5/9/09 At Sea  
5/10/09 Victoria, British Columbia
8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
5/11/09 Vancouver, British Columbia 7:30 AM


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Ride Details

1 (5/11) Seattle 140 Yakima 285 5
2 (5/12) Pendelton 145 Boise 365 6
3 (5/13) McDermitt 190 Reno 430 9
4 (5/14) Lake Tahoe 50 Bishop 230 6
5 (5/15) On the way   LA - FINISH 250 6
      Vancouver to LA 1560 32


If you are interested email me now

or call me 818 783-3588 (Pini)