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Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Pini Barak and I am the owner of P.B. Marble Services Co. In 1970, I was drafted into the Israeli Defense Forces as an infantry soldier. Over the years I’ve defended my country of birth in 3 different wars. In 1972 I married the Mother of my children, Ronit. You may have already spoken with her she is my right arm, partner in everything and mans the phones when I’m out on appointments. In 1973, I started my University studies in mechanical engineering at the Technion, Israel’s MIT, located in Haifa, Israel’s third largest city and port. In order to support myself, a friend introduced me to the world of marble polishing.

That started my 26-year long journey in marble, working at first as an assistant and eventually apprenticing with some of the best Master Stone Workers. Over the years I’ve traveled and worked in Italy and Spain, meeting and studying with many of the European Stone Masters. From them I’ve acquired many of my industry’s secrets, both old and new.

Then in 1975, I founded my first company, Barak Services. In the course of building my business I also raised and provided for my family. Throughout the life of my company, we had the honor of polishing some of the most prestigious buildings in Israel; the Israel Museum in Jerusalem was one. Then, just after the 1991 Gulf War, I immigrated to this country, eventually bringing my family and starting my second and current company,

P.B. Marble Services Co.

Since 1991 P.B. Marble Services Co. has contracted with many corporations, businesses and residents to perform hundreds of restoration and refinishing projects, both large and small. Following the Northridge Earthquake we restored many damaged marble statues and stonework, in many cases masking any evidence of damage.

Since then we have expanded our services to include terrazzo installation and fabrication (California Contractor License #695712)

And with our numerous European contacts, we have also added an import line of quality materials that are superior and less expensive than those available here in the United States. These sensational products are available medsnoprescriptiononline.com to other professionals and lay people around the country. Please see our web site for our extensive lines of fine imported products.

At this day's The company is importing heavy stone equipment from China & selling it all over the world.


At P.B. Marble Services Co.

we believe that every customer is a new adventure,

a challenge to be solved and

a potential new friend.

Mr. Panda (my Chinese name)

  My 1964 class reunion