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MAYA-1400 / 2000 / 2500

$65K / $75K / $85K

wireless pendant remote

Installation & Training included

DESCRIPTION 1400 2000 2500
Price $80,000 $85,000 $93,000
Diameter of blade 30" x 55"    
Blade size 55" 78" 98"
Max numbers of blades 1 6 6
Rotating speed of blade   625 rpm 625 rpm 625 rpm
Table dimensions (LxW)     125" x 78" Trolley 20ton Trolley 20ton
Table tilting degree    85 N/A N/A
Table max carry 0.6 ton N/A N/A
Table rotation     360 N/A N/A
Max lifting course of blade    40" N/A N/A
Max cross cutting size    125" N/A N/A
Max cutting thickness      20" 34" 45"
Water consumption         4 g/min 4 g/min 4 g/min
Total motor power     36HP (27.2kW) 47HP (37kW) 47HP (37kW)
Overall dimensions (LxWxH)   22'x18' x16' 24'x13'x21' 24'x13'x21'
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year
   Terms & Conditions  factory only Authorized Dealer

In China under our control & specification

Availability 8-12 weeks 8-12 weeks 8-12 weeks
Please note that due to the huge global congestions, it has caused huge
delays on ETA/delivery, ports issues (ex. congestions, lack of terminal
appt, lack of chassis, etc).
We cannot guaranty shipping time or prices

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MAYA-2000 / 2500

Quarry Factory Equipment