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Terminé un lavabo desde el corte hasta su pulido, en menos de 30 minutos. También incluye, Tocadores, Islas y Mostradores,

SinkMatic CNC

Separación de Labavo Automatico Con un Cargador  de 11 Herramientas


(Incluyendo : Instalación con entrenamiento)

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Parametro Tecnico

Longitud de Trabajo (eje X )


Anchura de Trabajo (eje Y )


Dimensiones Útiles de Trabajo

31" x 51"

Max. Anchura de la Losa

 Longitud Libre

Max. Grosor de la Losa


Max. Grosor de losa cuando se trabaja en los bordes

43.3" x 23.5"


11 Estaciones Automáticas

Precisión del Trabajo


Velocidad Max. (eje X) y (eje Y)


Velocidad Max. (eje Z)


X-Y-Z (axial) movimiento mecánico

 tornillos de bola rodantes


10HP (7.5kw) (Ext. water col.)

Sistema de refrigeración para herramientas


Max. (rpm) del eje

12000 rpm


Trabaja con DXF - y Forma  Auto CAD

Conexión de módulos ( LAN y WIFI )

Para asistencia de Control Remoto

Código del programa

                        Codigo  G

Poseedor de herramientas en las espigas


Potencia Total de la Máquina



220v  3-Fases

Peso total de la Máquina


Dimensiones de la Máquina

93"L x 75"W x87"H (8'x6'x7')


1 año (partes)

Partes de Repuesto y Apoyo

Disponibles en USA

Extra: Borde directocompleto (terminado) herramientas con cada máquina.

Distribuidores y técnicos locales

Tenga en cuenta que debido a la enorme congestión global, ha causado enormes
retrasos en ETA / entrega, problemas de puertos (por ejemplo, congestiones, falta de terminal
cita, falta de chasis, etc).
No podemos garantizar el tiempo de envío ni los precios.

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Accessories for fabrication shops

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Rotating & Tilting



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Buy Bridge Saws, Granite Bridge Saw and Water Jet at Rock Bottom Prices

PB Marble Servicesoffers high quality bridge saws,granite bridge saw and water jet machines at very affordable prices. We are known for providing bridge saws and abrasive water jet cutting machines at the most competitive prices. You can also get all the spare parts of these machines at our warehouse. Our bridge saws are being widely used by fabricators to cut solid stones like marble and granite.

The granite bridge saw is a machine perfectly suited for all the workshops producing the products of marble and granite. This is a machine with 1 ton lifting beam and a cemented base. The electrical control system of the saw is equipped with the imported spare parts. The positioning of this machine will not be affected by using it in the long run. Teflon, DuPont and brand are the polymer materials that have been used on the contract surface between the up/down column and seat.

This guiding material is rolled into the circular pits with less oil, so as to work with low coefficient of friction, long service life and wear resistance, etc. The professional manufacturers of the saws makes use of electrical and hydraulic components that are of the optimized quality from national as well as international for producing the bridge saw granite.

The individuals can easily buy the bridge saw online as well as from offline counters. Also, they can easily buy the used granite bridge saw for sale from several websites including the eBay. There are different sub categories of the bridge saws. The bridge saws are one of them.

We provide state-of-the-art technology granite and marble bridge saws that are equipped with high end features. You can find wide range of bridge saw models at our warehouse that offer optimum quality fabrication of the stones. You can easily cut and shape hard stones into beautiful marble mantels, marble medallions, and marble gazeboes with bridge saws. It is perfect tool for shaping the shapeless rocks and stones. 

The razor-sharp blades of our high quality bridge saws allow you to carry out the process of stone fabrication easily and quickly. Granite and marble bridge saws help in accomplishing restoration and refinishing of precious statues easily and precisely. Bridge saws easily rip of hard and thick stones without wasting even little bit of it during the cutting and fabrication process. You can also get used bridge saws, granite bridge saw and water jet machines with us in case you have a limited budget.

Granite bridge saws and marble bridge saws are not only excellent in terms of efficiency and speed but also offer great safety. It is being widely used by marble companies and other similar companies as it increases the productivity of the work significantly. Marble Services has tie up with corporations, businesses and residents and is known for providing exceptional marble services and marble products, such as bridge saws, Granite Bridge saw and water jet machines.

Salient features of the granite bridge saw:

Below mentioned is a list of features of the bridge saw for granite:

  • The main frame and the bench are highly resistant to the cast iron and guarantees reduced vibration and stability.
  • The vertical movement by the operating head is controlled by encoder on the prismatic guide coupling and is obtained by an auto braking motor.
  • The English program data can be seen with the help of a LCD graphics monitor.
  • There is a motor with reduced dimensions, which is directly connected to the disc.
  • The movements, i.e. up and down of the head, translation of the bridge, automatic bench rotation, etc. are all controlled manually
  • The right/left sliding speed of the bridge is regulated with the help of a separate amperometer.
  • For loading and unloading, the worktable is tilted up to 85 degrees.
  • The head from granite/marble, which is hydraulic in nature is tilted up to 45 degrees. This is optional.
  • The automatic or programmable rotations can be blocked at any degree, i.e. from 0-360 degrees. This is also optional.

Some technical parameters of the granite bridge saw are discussed below:

  • There are two different models of the stone cutting bridge saw of granite. One is DNWQ-400 and the other is the DNWQ-600. The properties of both of them are discussed below:
  • DNWQ-400
    1. Maximum diameter of the blade-?400mm
    2. Dimension of the workbench(LxB)-3200x2000mm
    3. Power of the main motor-15kw
    4. Turnover degree of the workbench-0°,90°n°
    5. Overall dimension(LxWxH)-5800x4500x2800mm
  • DNWQ-600
    1. Maximum diameter of the blade- ?600mm
    2. Dimension of the workbench-3200x2000mm
    3. Power of the main motor-15/18.5kw
    4. Turnover degree of the workbench- (0°,90°)/(0°,45°,90°) n°
    5. Overall dimension (LxWxH)-6200x5000x3000mm

Our Moto

PB Marble Services Co. located in Los Angeles CA, is committed to bring you the best granite, bridge saws, marble or any stone in nature at the best price available anywhere. Any shop will be proud of the CNC Machine Center or Abrasive Water Jet cutting machines.These machines can cut any metal, plastic or other material. Our commitment & dedication to customer service includes stocking all spare parts in our warehouse. Our goal is to meet your customer service needs around the clock.


5 Axis
full size 20'x16'x8'
full size 13’x4’x6’