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Filter Project Mobile Arm Dust Collector for Granite, Marble, Quartzite, Quartz, Stone, Concrete, Porcelain, Ceramic, Solid Surface, Cultured Marble, and other airborne debris.

The Mobile Arm Dust Collector is a strong 220 single phase 2 HP motor that produces 63,566 cf/h (1800 m3/h) of suction.

This in shop portable Dust Collector captures 99.9% of dust that comes through its big 10" diameter mouth.

The suction and suppression system is equipped with a 2 HP centrifugal fan and a specially designed cartridge system that is 18" in diameter and 39" in length. This massive filter catches 99.9% of the dust that goes through it.

After the dust is caught by the filter it self cleans and drops the dust down into a throw away bag system. Any standard trash bag can be used by simply strapping it to the machine with the provided strap.

The heavy duty suction arm is 6" in diameter and reaches out to 102" (8'6"). This flexible arm is perfect to capture dust over work tables, work stations, work benches, and any where that dust is created.

This fully independent movable Arm Dust Collector is on 4 swivel wheels (2 with locking brakes) for easy movement around the shop. Built on a solid metal frame system that is powder coated, the Filter Project Mobile Arm Dust Collector will last for years and years.

On the front of the Mobile Arm Dust Collector is a control panel that offers on/off functions as well as 3 110 volt power outlets to run grinder, saws, extension cords, etc.

The Filter Project Mobile Arm Dust Collector is one of the best built, most effective industrial grade, point of use dust collectors on the market.

Mobile Suction Arm Dust Collector Specifications:

Length: 28"
Width: 40"
Height 88 1/2"
Weight 176 lbs
Suction Power: 63,566 cf/h (1800m3/h
4 Swivel Wheels (2 with Locking Brakes)
Power: 220v 1 Phase. 11.5 amp
Power Outlet:3 110 volt on control panel
Mobile Arm Reach: Up to 102"