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Complete powered hydraulic table system

Rotating & Tilting (plug & play)



Technical data

Dimensions of the table



Table tilting degree


Power of oil pump motor



Table rotating degree

360 all position

Weight of the table



Electric power requested


3phs 220V 50Hz


not including shipping

-        The table is formed from welding steel for heavy load cutting.

-        It tilts up to 85. Powered by two pieces of hydraulic pistons.

-        The rotation is driven by a hydraulic motor.

-        The locking of 90, 135, 180, 270 and 360 is automatic, fixed by a hydraulic piston.

-        The table also rotates 360 degree all position. The locking is manually by two pieces of hydraulic piston. The operator can see the position through the digital display.

-    All functions are also commanded by a wireless pendant remote

-        The separate table has an independent hydraulic unit.

-        It has an independent electric system to control all the functions.

-        It comes with 20 pieces of wood bar on the top as the base for slab cutting.

wireless pendant remote

wired controller box

Hydraulic System with wired controller

Complete system

Check this Table

Bridge Saw Table



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