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Miter Saw



Not Including Delivery (plug & Play)


Hablamos Espaņol (323) 422-5475


Max. length of stone 124"
Max. thickness of stone 1.8”
Power of disc motor 10HP
Cutting speed 32’/min
Blade diameter 14”
Dimensions of table (cutting size) 140”x35”
Dimensions on the floor 13’x4’x6’
Counter fasten to table by pneumatic (air compressor)
Total weight 2300LB

International toll free 800 788-8478 (USA Pacific Standard Time)

why should you buy your next saw from us

* Money per machine its the best deal in the USA please check our compare page.
* Its the most sold machine in the US 2007 before the economy went south (57).
* Our machine have the same option that US or Italian made have, all option are included on our machine. (no extra)
* We have spare parts in CA at all time & can overnight them, prices of spare parts are inexpensive.
* We have a list of past customer at your fingertips to call, visit and discuss performance.
* We have machine in stock at all time (California, Los Angeles).

Recycling System


BE AWARE (For the intelligent buyer)

* Don't be fooled by machine suppliers that offer machines at a low cost,  but actually do not have them in stock.
* Check their spare parts supply
* Check their referral list, talk to their clients or better go & see a machine they sold in action.
* Check and compare their warranty and capabilities to stand behind the product they selling.


* Shipping price (factory direct shipping) will be determine when shipping Co. advise. (for Alaska & Hawaii)