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Working length (X axis) 51"
Working width (Y axis) 31"
Useful working dimensions 31" x 51"
Max. slab width Free length
Max. slab thickness 3"
Max. slab size when doing counter edges 43.3" x 23.5"
Tools 11 Automatic pickup stations
Working precision ±0.004"
Max. X axis and Y axis speed 100'/min
Max. Z axis peed 32'/min
X-Y-Z axial mechanical movement Ball bearing screws
Spindle 10HP (7.5kw) (Ext. water col.)
Cooling system for tools External
Max. rpm of spindle 12000 rpm
Software works with DXF files form AutoCAD
LAN and WIFI connection for remote assistance
Code of program G Code
Tool holder tangs BT40
Total power of machine 13.4HP
Power  220v 3 Phases
Weight of machine 4000Lb
Dimensions of Machine 93"L x 75"W x87"H (8'x6'x7')
Warranty 1 year (parts)
Spare parts and support  Available in the USA

Every SinkMatic comes with

1. SinkMatic Tool Set (Straight edge complete cut to finish)

2. Delivery System (Secure way for delivering counters)

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