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Polishing machine for slab 




This machine is for polishing granite and marble slabs. It pre-polish, rough-polish, finish-polish and burnish continuously.
 The polish spindle is controlled for counter pressure by a coaxial cylinder according to the stone character. The operator could choose the required speed of crossbeam and belt by an inverter.
 PC color touch screen controlled and programmed. Slab profile sensing through sensors. Minimal raise of polish heads at slab exit and lowering at slab entry without variation of the programmed working pressure. Real time visualization of tools state. The control system inspects and optimizes the movement of polish head, crossbeam and belt to expert polishing. This machine can be controlled by telephone network in long range. Fault diagnosis system and production data statistics makes it more humanized.


No. of heads 16
Working width 24" - 78"
Working thickness 1/2" - 2"
Belt advancement speed 0-60" /min
Spindle motor power 11kw - 15hp
Total power 181kw - 230hp
Water consumption 100 g/min
Overall dimensions 25" x 25" x 25"

800 788-8478