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Analysis for buying directly from a Chinese factory

Description Average Cost Our price You save
Machine cost $28,000    
Tariff 25% $7,000    
Sea Transportation $10,000    
Land Transportation $2,500    
Installer $3,000    
Total $50,500 $53,000 $2,500

Pros and cons



Our service

you save $4,500 No local dealer Local (phone call away)
  No local spare parts (Average part shipping from China 7 days) All parts in stock (overnight service)
  No immediate tech support Local (phone call away)
  Saw doesn't work cost an average $1,000 per day All parts in stock (overnight service)
  You have to make all the arrangements We do it all for you
  Average Warranty 1 Year Warranty 2 Year

Now that you are informed make  your own decision

A few emails

Mr. Barac 
We have purchased a saw from Turkey. It has a Gear reduction box above the saw head that raises and lowers the saw head. The gear box is broken. Would you have one? The tag has these numbers. NMRV50 Ratio 20 Flange 80B14 sn 200901.
Thank you