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Analysis for buying directly from a Chinese factory

Description Average Cost Our price You save
Machine cost $28,000    
Tariff 25% $7,000    
Sea Transportation $3,000    
Land Transportation $2,500    
Installer $3,000    
Total $43,500 $48,000 $4,500

Pros and cons



Our service

you save $4,500 No local dealer Local (phone call away)
  No local spare parts (Average part shipping from China 7 days) All parts in stock (overnight service)
  No immediate tech support Local (phone call away)
  Saw doesn't work cost an average $1,000 per day All parts in stock (overnight service)
  You have to make all the arrangements We do it all for you
  Average Warranty 1 Year Warranty 2 Year

Now that you are informed make  your own decision