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Products Name: Gantry Type Stone Cutting Machine
Products remark:LMQ-250
Big Blank Material Leveling Machine is an improved set of equipment based on the gantry type stone cutting machine, and is provided with a heavy-type trolley to conduct leveling on blank materials. Its size can be as big as 3500mm×1800mm×2000mm, and it has all the basic functions of the gantry type stone cutting machine.

LMQ-250 Gantry Type Stone Cutting Machine is of girder rise and fall type structure, and imported frequency converter is used to conduct steeples speed adjustment. Its main spindle box moves right and left along the double-V type guide rail on the crossbeam. The cutting table can rotate in 360°degrees. With electromechanical integrated design, this machine is reasonable in structure. high in rigidity, stable in performance. It can process a big variety of stone plates with excellent quality. It’s an ideal set of equipment for processing large granite and marble plates and shaped plates.

If you want to install blade with diameter 2700mm or 2800m, if you need add high frequency to change the diameter of blade as you want, we can make to your order. 

 Technical data

Name Unit LMQ-250
Blade diameter inch ф100"
Blade vertical stroke inch 57"
Max cutting size inch 121"×71"×41"
Water consumption gl/min 29
Main motor power kw(HP) 30 (40HP)
Dimensions (L×W×H) feet 16'x19'x18'
Weight LB 22000

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