Reasons You Should Not Buy a Saw from a Chinese Supplier

1. Chinese machines are made for the local Chinese market and are not certified for
    the USA/ Canada Market.
2. Support for those machines would not be provided by us the local Dealer/Agent.
3. Your savings is minimal and the risks much higher..
4. When you need a part or support we have all the spare parts in the USA
    (Los Angeles) we can overnight it if needed.
5. If you need to order a part from a supplier in China it will take you
    between 10 to 15 days to get it.
6. If you calculate the losses for downtime when there are either part or repair
    problems, a Chinese manufactured machine can end up costing more than our machines

BE AWARE (For the intelligent buyer)

* Don't be fooled by machine suppliers that offer machines at a low cost,  but actually do not  have them in stock. DIACO (closed) the new name is SIMCO USA
* Check their spare parts supply
* Check their referral list, talk to their clients or better go & see a machine they sold in action.
* Check and compare their warranty and capabilities to stand behind the product they selling.


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