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How dose this work

  • We will post your machine on our site and send emails to 6500 shops in the USA.
  • Our fees will be add to your asking price that the buyer will be paying. (about 15% to 25%) ($1000 Minimum)
  • We will negotiate on your behalf, final price will be with your consent.
  • The buyer will pay for the shipping.
  • You are responsible for the dismounting & loading on the truck. (unless we specify differently)
  • If you agree please fill up the attached form sign at the bottom and Submit

Seller no negotiation Contract

When we receive this singed (initialed) document, we will send you the buyer information.

All fields are required

At your request of Seller info:

Pini Barak and PB Marble Services Co. has advertised the sale of your  

 Product name :  

As a result of these efforts PB Marble Services Co. has found a prospective Buyer willing to purchase this machine. Prior to making this purchase the prospective Buyer would like to inspect the machinery at your location. Seller pays no fees.

Seller Info:

Name:   Company:        Email:      

Address:       City:   State:        Zip: 

Phone:    Fax:           Mobile:       

To protect the interests of PB Marble Services Co. you the Seller agree that PB Marble Services Co. will handle the negotiations and collections of funds from the Buyer. Seller agrees to refrain from discussing machinery costs with the Buyer and will direct all Buyer's pricing requests or attempts to negotiate back to PB Marble Services Co.  Seller agrees not to circumvent or attempt to circumvent this transaction between the Buyer and PB Marble Services Co, either directly or through a representative of the Buyer or Seller.

It is so agreed by: 

Seller Name:    Date:     Seller Initial signature  

Item Info:

1. Brand & Model  
2. Year manufacture
3. Serial Number (S/N)
4. Local authorized dealer for this brand.
5. Condition, is it under power or storage.

6. Equipment location
7. Price when you bought it
  & what will take  
8. Digital photos (front, back, and side view) including
   close up of name plate with (S/N) & work time counter. You can also SMS the pictures from your cell phone to 818-398-3989

If submit doesn't work
print this page hand right all details and fax it to us @ 818-584-8937
or email all your info to pini@marbleservices.com