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Machine ID# 1008

MAYA-625 (2009)


Not Including Installation & Shipping

(New $55,000 + shipping)



Steel Frame  No need to build concrete walls
Main Motor  Direct Drive - 20 HP (220V 3 phase 60Amp.)+/- 5% regulated 30 kW
Engine Speed  Cutting speed  1450RPM
Production Rate  10’ in 3cm (1 1/4") granite in less than 60 seconds
Cutting Thickness  4"-7" (auto cut computerized) Step Cutting (Two way cutting)
Over all dimensions  (L x W x H) 19' x 16' x 8.5'  (6.5 x 5.5 x 2.8 m)
Table Turn/Tilt  Powered tilting 85 & Power rotating 0 - 360
 Hydraulic (Stopping at 45 & 90 Automatic) max carry
0.6 ton
Cut Length Table size 126" x 78” (Max cut 140"x140")
Blade Tilt  0-45 (Hydraulic) plunge cut
Blade Size  18" - 24"
Features Programmable functions microcomputer controlled, Laser guide, remote control,
Cast iron bridge,
approx. production rate 10’ in 50 sec. in 1 1/4” stone
Hydraulic fluid water cooled
(LCD) Control Panel, All machine parts imported
to China and standard all over the world,
Spare parts available in our warehouse L.A.
Water  With auto. stop 4 Gall/min
*Shipping on Flat bed
Warranty   Non
Purchase Options  Financing Available for 60 month Options
Stock Availability 4-6 weeks 
Install & Training

Client Responsibility& Preparation

*Price Good for 500ML from each cost (CA tax 9.75%)   (Canada tax & duty not included) Terms
Model 2016  CE certificate
Finance Finance available  

800 788-8478


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