Jet Stream



Delivery time 60-75 days

The stable and high-efficient boosting system ensures cutting efficiency, with high speed, good quality and low cost:even if working 24 hours continuously, it still maintains a stable pressure;
Superchargers :
320Mpa(scrol down for more info)    
380Mpa(scrol down for more info)    
420Mpa(scrol down for more info)
Two-stage ‘soft start’ boosting system is specially equipped for glass cutting;
Two-stage boosting system "Superchargers" (scrol down for more info)
More than 8 hours of continuously automatic sand supply;
Automatic sand supply system (scrol down for more info)
Simple, intuitive, and easy-to-operate control software;
Control system  (scrol down for more info)
Cutting head system with good structural design
Integral structural frame with high strength and stability; enclosed dustproof metal covering ensures the accuracy and an extension of service life;
An excellent transmission system guarantees the machine with smooth operation and accuracy; ultra-high pressure safe relieving system; automatic fault diagnosis system; to make safety measures better;
Water filter system with three filter elements.
Gantry-type model



Cutting size













Cutting precision

+/- 0.004"

Accuracy of repeat positioning

+/- 0.002"

Special size will be available and manufactured in accordance with your requirements.

Warranty: 1 year (excluding wear parts list) Spare parts pricing

All moving and high-pressure parts are made of the highest quality stainless steel. Main components are imported from the United Kingdom

laser cutting vs. water jet cutting

Software - Master Cam 9.0 or CAD not included

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Slab Loading Table





Working pressure 380Mpa
Working pressure 320Mpa
boosting ratio 20:1 boosting ratio 20:1
Max. water flow 0.95G/min 1G/min Max. water flow 0.8G/min 0.87G/min
Orifice diameter 0.26  0.3  0.33 Orifice diameter 0.26 0.3
Water Inlet pressure ≥0.3MPa Water Inlet pressure ≥0.2MPa
Power of main motor 30KW
Max. stroke 45/min
Supply voltage 38V/50HZ Power of main motor 22KW
 240V x 3 phase Supply voltage 38V/50HZ
Sad Supply System

The automatic sand supply system offers safe, convenient and simple function with high efficiency, which enables continuous cutting for up to 12-hour; automatic low sand detection function and a red alarm light.

Control Panel

Embedded control system
LCD color display with high brightness; supporting full screen editting both in Englshi and Chinese
Feed rate is adjustable at any time
Fault diagnosis function
Having USB port with no connecting cable
Enabling mutual communications with PC (RS232 port)
Functions of tool compensation, repeating positioning and tool returning
Having the function of return following the original track, especially suitable for metal machining
PC control system
With CNC functions, which enables the operator to do drawing, programming and cutting directelyon the control panel
Program Synchronization and simulation to avoid wrong machining
Able to display of pattern cutting and cutting parameters simultaneously
Automatic generation of CNC machining program
Real-time original track back, especially suitable for metal machining


Material  Thickness Cutting speed (working pressure 300Mpa) Cutting speed (working pressure 380Mpa)
   44,000 Psi  55,000 Psi
inch inch/min) (inch/min)
Stainless steel 3/8" 12" 16"
1 1/4" 4" 8"
1 1/2" 2" 3 14"
2" 3/4" 1 1/4"
brass 1 1/4" 48" 60"
2" 40" 34"
Aluminum 3/8" 32" 40"
3/4" 20" 24"
1 1/4" 12" 16"
2 3/4" 3 14" 4"
Marble 3/4" 28" 32"
1 1/4" 16" 20"
2" 4" 6"
Granite 3/4" 28" 32"
1 1/4" 4" 16"
2" 2" 3 1/4"
4" 3/8" 3/4"
ceramic 3/8" 40" 60"
2" 16" 24"
Glass  3/8" 40" 48"
3/4" 24" 32"
1 1/4" 20" 24"
2" 8" 12"
Laminated glass 3/4" 24" 32"
foam 3/4" 80" 120"
2" 40" 60"

Recommended serves parts to purchase with the water jet & Supercharger

*Tech support

Our tech support is the same as any other bridge saw supplier in the states.
From our experience:
1. We help you over the phone. (90%)
2. We tell you to get local machine or electrician (we cover the labor + any parts) (5%)
3. If local help don't help we send our technician. (5%)


International toll free 800 788-8478 (USA Pacific Standard Time)

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