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MAYA 625

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Table Tilt Operation Box

with Remote control

Tilting blade

from 0-45


pendant remote



Steel Frame  No need to build concrete walls
Main Motor  Direct Drive - 20 HP (220V 3 phase 60Amp.)+/- 5% regulated 30 kW
Engine Speed  Cutting speed  1450RPM
Production Rate  10’ in 3cm (1 1/4") granite in less than 60 seconds
Cutting Thickness  4"-7" (auto cut computerized) Step Cutting (Two way cutting)
Over all dimensions  (L x W x H) 19' x 16' x 8.5'  (6.5 x 5.5 x 2.8 m)
Table Turn/Tilt  Powered tilting 85 & Power rotating 0 - 360
 Hydraulic (Stopping at 45 & 90 Automatic) max carry
0.6 ton
Blade Tilt  0-45 (Hydraulic)
Blade Size  18" - 24"
Cut Length  126" x 78”
Features Programmable functions microcomputer controlled, Laser guide, wireless pendant remote
Cast iron bridge,
approx. production rate 10’ in 50 sec. in 1 1/4” stone
Hydraulic fluid water cooled
(LCD) Control Panel, All machine parts imported
to China and standard all over the world,
Spare parts available in our warehouse L.A.
Water  With auto. stop 4 Gall/min
*Shipping  East cost & Canada add $1,500 - Packing method 
Warranty  2 Year Terms & Conditions  factory only Authorized Dealer
Purchase Options  Financing Available for 60 month Options
Stock Availability 10-12 weeks 
Install & Training

Client Responsibility& Preparation

*Price Good for 500ML from each cost (CA tax 9.75%)   (Canada tax & duty not included) Terms
Model 2016  CE certificate
Finance Finance available  

Reasons You Should Not Buy a Saw from a Chinese Supplier

Warning the "EXPRESS 3200" sold by Regent (RMC) is not made by Shengda

Download Technical Data & Information / Brochure

Watch the machine in action


Complete installation video click on this link

why should you buy your next saw from us

* Money per machine its the best deal in the USA please check our compare page.
* Its the most sold machine in the US 2007 before the economy went south (57).
* Our machine have the same option that US or Italian made have, all option are included on our machine. (no extra)
* We have spare parts in CA at all time & can overnight them, prices of spare parts are inexpensive.
* We have a list of past customer at your fingertips to call, visit and discuss performance.
* We have machine in stock at all time (California, Los Angeles).

Warning the "EXPRESS 3200" sold by Regent (RMC) is not made by Shengda

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Our modern, high-speed and powerful bridge saw allows us to fabricate slabs of all sizes and at a fast turn-around rate. Microcomputer controlled and a laser illumination system allows you to precisely cut slabs for easy fabrication and installation

Client Responsibility& Preparation

Installation $3500 (Optional)
Estimate shipping to East coast $3500-4500

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Turntable with Pneumatic Stops (Included)

All controlled by microcomputer .In the case of right operation, you can get high precision in Cutting large or small type of granite and marble ,It can be especially used for the cutting of highs-valued large-scale plank by its high precision and stable function .All the components are imported. Max Diameter blade 14"-24"


the cutting size are set at a same time through an MPT, by numbers. For example, If you want to cut three slab with 32"x24". Put in 32" in the length and put in 24" in the width. and put in 3 in the amount of pieces. Then run the machine automatically. It will stop until all the work set finished.

This machine include the Steel Legs (we recommend)

Spare Parts

Order a DVD of the Machine Installation & Benefits

International toll free 800 788-8478 (USA Pacific Standard Time)

BE AWARE (For the intelligent buyer)

* Don't be fooled by machine suppliers that offer machines at a low cost,  but actually do not have them in stock. DIACO (closed) the new name is SIMCO USA
* Check their spare parts supply
* Check their referral list, talk to their clients or better go & see a machine they sold in action.
* Check and compare their warranty and capabilities to stand behind the product they selling.