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To whom it may concern,

I purchased the Maya saw in 2018 and it has been a great machine. I needed to be able to miter and it does this quite well. I did not realize I could download the owner’s Manuel on line until recently. The saw is simple and extremely cost effective. I looked at machines that cost considerably more but decided that with technology changing so quickly I can afford this saw now and to replace it later if I want updated technology. I see other shops spending huge amounts of money to find themselves stuck w a saw that is outdated before they can even pay it off.

Also, I was able to sell my entire business and equipment when I decided to retire.


Lori Hethmon

Former owner of Granite Grannies, Maryland


We were speaking to Pini since 2017 about a new bridge saw. His Maya 600A came highly recommended by friends in the industry . All my questions and concerns were answered with confidence. And i stopped by and saw one in action .
So in the Fall of 2018 , we decided to pull the trigger.  Payment process was very simple and straight forward.  Once final payment was made , Pini quickly made arrangements for the delivery of the product .
As we got closer to the delivery date, Pini made sure to check that everything i needed was prepared in advance . Product included installation .  The Installation technician was friendly and knowledgeable.  Took about a whole day from start to finish . Gave use a quick tutorial on how to operate the machine
So we've been using the machine ever since.  Anytime i had a question or minor issue , i would simply call and it would be resolved quite quickly.  Only notable issue i had was the remote control was malfunctioning. Pini quickly overnighted a new controller and receiver to us and it was simple to swap out .
This Machinery is affordable and worth every penny .  It has more functions and features than i know what do with it. I am always happy to recommend this product . 
David Wong
Cabinetry & Stone Depot, LLC